2018 winners…

  • 1st position, Grieg Davison, who rode the ’Mr Whippy’ kart.
  • 2nd position Glynn Parry on his ’Bright Green Racing Machine’.
  • 3rd:  ’Flying Fella’ Ashley Leece.
  • Juan Callister and Chris Sheeley were the fastest dual-rider kart.

Full 2018 results…

Full results from 2018

2017 winners…

  • 1st position, fastest solo x 3 runs Danny Ennett, main award sponsored by red scaffolding.
  • 1st position fastest team entry x 3 runs Kirsty Russell & Gavin Wilby Main award sponsored by red scaffolding.
  • Best novelty soapbox shared by Peel & Ramsey lifeboats. Main award Sponsor, Peter & Kelvin Dawson Tyres, Mill Road, Peel.
  • Fastest soapbox Jamie Teare: 30 mph. Main sponsor Peel Fisheries, Fish & chips, Peel.

2016 winners…

  • Solo (Pepsi Challenge Cups)
    1st prize John Hunter and Stuart Storie
    2nd Will Russell
    3rd Danny Ennett
  • Doubles (Pepsi Challenge Cups)
    1st: Roland Bouchat
  • Neil Kenna – 32 MPH

Full 2016 results…

Soapbox 2016 Results

2015 winners…

  • Solo (Pepsi Challenge Cups)
    1st prize Oliver Keenan
    2nd Andy Dudgeon
    3rd Ronnie Russell

  • Doubles (Pepsi Challenge Cups)
    1st Andy Corkill / James Tregellis
    2nd Roland Bouchat / Maciej Jerzykiewicz
    3rd Sion Roberts / Yasmin Metcalfe

  • Best Fancy Dress (Peel Commissioners cup), Dark Vader, Chewbacker, Luke Skywalker and the crew from Starwars, may the force be with you.

  • Best Soap Box, (Davisons Ice Cream Cup), The Peel Life Boat Crew
  • Most sponsorship Raised: the Boo-Gatti team with £800 and the Starwars Crew.

Full 2015 results…

PDF file of the 2015 results