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Report of the last race:
“Crazy Cars Fly Through the Streets of Peel”

Source: IoMToday

Motorbikes, sidecars, rockets and even a manned coffin were seen thundering through the streets of Peel at the weekend during the annual soapbox derby. Jamie Teare, dressed in a top hat and an undertakers suit, shot down Stanley Road in a flying coffin, powered by little more that gravity, bouncing over two jumps before coming to an abrupt stop against some haybales.

He gamefully carried on, at one point taking the hills on three wheels.

Elsewhere, there were many more contraptions, with Gavin Wilby and Kirsty Russell tackling the course in a dual control tandem go-kart. They too came a cropper after the second jump.

The wobbly landing half way down Stanley Road did catch a couple of the riders out, with one of the first competitors to brave the course, Mike Brown, being taken to hospital with a broken arm.

The lengthy delay, while the ambulances changed over, gave Steve Colley a chance to try out the jumps and ramps for himself, and entertained the crowd with a display of wheelies and tricks.

Other competitors to find them selves bumping off the bales was Nick Harvey, on the A and B Metals-built kart, which banged and clattered down the hill, and into the sides, and also kart number 17, complete with an impressive leaning chassis, wrapped itself around the chicane and threw its pilot, Richard Kirk, down the hill.

Tom ’Tweeks’ Dawson, riding under the team name ’Sons of Anagh Coar’, showed he had a few tricks of his own, and had the crowd cheering with a few high-speed spins of the jumps on his trike.

Hundreds of spectators lined the short course, which saw the riders pushed down a ramp at the top of Derby Drive, followed by a headlong plunge down Stanley Road and onto the promenade.

The eventual winner was Grieg Davison, who rode the ’Mr Whippy’ kart to victory, posting the quickest time twice out of the three runs, followed by Glynn Parry on his ’Bright Green Racing Machine’, in second and ’Flying Fella’ Ashley Leece third.

Juan Callister and Chris Sheeley were the fastest dual-rider kart down the hill.

Organiser Peel Commissioner Ian Davison thanked all those who turned up to support the event, and said that they had more plans for similar events in the future.

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